Throughout my life I have always identified with Conservative Economic and Social principles. When I was younger, I was a devout adherent to the Roman Catholic Faith attending Mass each morning for the first half of my High School years at the school’s Chapel. As I grew older, I became engrossed with The System of Qabalah, particularly study of The Tree of Life. I also voted for Ron Paul in 2008 after significant research into what was happening to the world’s financial economy. I have not always been politically vocal as a young small business owner, until again, I began to witness what was happening with the world’s financial economy.

I also witnessed what was occurring in the base of the Democrat Party. The Democrats were increasingly turning to socialism, at first as a tool for activism, then more as a more serious philosophy of Government. In addition to the financial crisis, this gave me serious and grave pause for concern. Why was an organized group of left-wing supporters seriously idealizing the values of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin? The colloquial term for the modern-day Stalinists is a ‘tankie,’ just look it up. Leninists strategies and tactics were being deployed in the service of activism about every day issues. Peaceful protests, rallies, and mobilizing supporters is a wonderful component of our democracy. But increasingly subversive tactics that culminate in violence and the destruction of property, or inciting riots, put us in the realm of Leninism. How can one not raise their voice against Leninism and Stalinism?

The Tea-Party is one of the least politically capable organizations within the Republican Party. They continually whiff on issues outside of their core focus, which is to reform International finance. However, in my opinion, they have done an exceptional job at mobilizing support for financial reform, and have been the only political movement in the United States able to do so through peaceful and appropriate means. The Tea-Party just doesn’t have a political strategy or platform that go beyond negating International finance toward building something in its place. Nevertheless, I consider myself a Tea-Party Conservative because I believe singularly in the power of reforming of our International Financial and Economic Order. If we can do this, human society can experience an unprecedented period of wealth, prosperity, and peace. The Tea-Party Movement is the only political group to recognize this. How Socialists feel that Global Leninism or Stalinism will lead to peace and prosperity is beyond me and I cannot help but to genuinely wonder how much influence is being peddled by China on American soil for the sheer stupidity of resurrecting Soviet-style Socialism as a viable political philosophy.

The other aspect of the Tea-Party Movement that I appreciate is an end to political correctedness. Many politicians, Republican and Democrats alike, have used an air of intellectual superiority to maintain their position atop the social hierarchy of their respective Parties. That’s fine, but we are not getting results in our society. My generation, the millennial generation, has experienced systemic failure after systemic failure at the hands of the Harvard and Yale educated elites who were supposed to prevent these intellectual failures from occurring. They explicitly used their intellectual superiority as an implicit assumption of their right to Govern. They broke the public’s trust.

Again, during the coronavirus we have seen a bungled response from the World Health Organization, another group of intellectuals who perceived themselves as infallible. They did the bidding of China that ultimately delayed the response to the coronavirus by treating important data with a lack of urgency. How many times are we going to trust these politically correct pseudo-intellectuals?

What’s more is that our Country was never built upon the backs of the ivory-towered elite. We are a Country of revolutionaries, of every day men and women who take a stand against elitism. Sometimes we are eloquent, sometimes we are populist, sometimes we are not politically correct. But there is honesty in the populist movements that seek to reform finance, an honesty that I could not find elsewhere in politics.

Populist elegance describes my view of the world quite specifically. I have an Ivy-league equivalent education at two postgraduate Institutions from the United Kingdom. I studied philosophy and the classics throughout my Undergraduate degrees. I am as well-read as the best of them when it comes to the Western Literary Canon. It is surprising to me given the breadth and beauty of the Western Canon, which since Marin Luther and Jesus, with narrow-focus, envisions a society that decidedly rejects elitism in forms. Yet the elitist politician, who prizes their scholarly pursuits, seems to sit atop these political parties which fail disastrously every year. Do they even read anything during their “studies,” or do they just read research reports without understanding any context to the way that society operates outside of their “studies?”

Countless studies and reports have been issued on poverty in under-served communities. Liberal “pols” have had their hands on the purse for decades, armed with their studies, to solve poverty and inequality. Where has that gotten these communities? What have the millions upon millions of taxpayer Dollars, in costs paying for “studies,” got the American People? Our Revolutionary forefathers and foremothers would be appalled at this philosophy of Government. It was everything that they stood against!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for the researcher in modern political life. But we must do better, and we can no longer let the elitist researcher sit atop either political Party unless they can demonstrate success as leaders. Can they create jobs? Can they create wealth and prosperity for citizens? Or do they use their air of superiority to prevent challenges from rising? The choice is theirs, but I have never felt the need to posture as an intellectual. The great thing about the Tea Party Movement and Libertarianism, in my opinion, is that there are no degrees required.

As socialism infects the base of the Democrat Party, moderate Democrats will be seeking a new political home. Let’s take the skeletons of the Tea-Party Movement, now floundering in the Halls of Congress, and remake it into a new revolutionary movement that can Renovate our International Liberal Order. Let’s build a truly prosperous world economy that everybody can participate in and benefit from.