The CASE of the missing Crown Jewels!

When I was younger, this paper, I’m not sure what exact grade it was written at, was an assignment that really changed the course of my career. I remember winning the praise from my teacher, and showing my mark off to my parents, like it was yesterday. I’m surprised that I still had it.

The Robbery is a tale of intrigue and mystery! I’m not a mystery writer now, but looking back I really nailed the form of the genre. A curious case, indeed!

While I got a great score on the assignment, this was an assignment that helped instill in me that I was good enough to be a writer. Writing plays such an important role in my life today, I write everyday, some days for hours. And I owe much of that to this small assignment, however inconsequential and trivial, and somehow still in my archives of memorabilia.

And I’m sure that is why my parents saved it for me.

So here it is, folks! “The Robbery!”