Metrics Dashboards to Measure Performance Indicators

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Metrics Dashboards offer organizations a quick, real-time visualization of key performance indicators. There are a host of different Dashboards gaining traction. These dashboards often take one click to get started and typically range in price from $25-$500 per month.

One of my favorite dashboards plugs directly into Stripe to provide a quick snapshot of financial performance such as Monthly Revenue, User Churn, Customer Growth Rate, among other data points. For a small organization, it is time-consuming to go through bank statements, Quickbooks reports, or customer databases to identify one key indicator such as user churn. Having a real-time dashboard saves time and gives small organizations the capability to track performance in a sophisticated way.

As the data visualization space gains momentum, more providers have entered the market with slightly different models and niches. Here is a rundown of some emerging platforms.

Bime by ZenDesk

Bime by ZenDesk lets users connect to a range of different applications such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, and many more. Blime is a bit more expensive with plans starting at $490 / month. Bime allows users to visualize data across multiple platforms.

Setting up Bime is a bit more nuanced, but nothing too challenging. Bime states that no knowledge of SQL is required and one can utilize a simple drag and drop interface to connect with databases or pull from applications directly.

TrendKite for PR Professionals

TrendKite helps users track their earned media. Users can upload a link to TrendKite and it will quantify the impact of that coverage on the rest of the business. TrendKite will automatically create interactive reports that measure estimated financial impact, impressions, domain authority of linking websites, and other data relevant to PR professionals.

TrendKite does not publish pricing, however, a competitor called Coverage Book starts at $99 per month.


Crystal claims to be powered by artificial intelligence so that users can ask questions in real-time about their company’s digital marketing performance. The app connects to your digital platforms and can provide insight into page views, SEO, and social media views. For example, a user could hypothetically ask ‘how may views did my twitter posts receive last month,’ and Crystal should be able to provide an answer.

Crystal.AI runs $99 per month. Lifetime access to Crystal was offered via an AppSumo deal at $49, but it is sold out.

Baremetrics: Financial Dashboard via Stripe

Baremetrics starts at $25 / month for organizations with monthly revenue of less than $2,500. Pricing peaks at $250 / month for organizations with $200,000 of monthly revenue. The app claims a one-click configuration with Stripe, Braintree, and Recurly payment platforms. Baremetrics has a clean user interface and a comprehensive set of data points with more data points available soon.

One interesting niche that Baremetrics pursues is open data. While organizations don’t have to release their data openly, there is an option for organizations to post their data, in real time, on Baremetrics’ Open Startups wall. A major company on Baremetrics’ wall is Buffer, which lists statistics like Monthly Recurring and Net Revenue, Avg. Revenue per User, User Churn, and others. Anybody in the world can see aggregate measures for any data range. There is also a live feed of transactions streaming on the right-hand side of the page.

Deals on Dashboards

In some cases, websites like AppSumo or Make Use Of will offer lifetime access for a substantially reduced price. I recently picked up an unlimited lifetime subscription to BizPlan on Make Use Of.

In any case, these platforms may provide significant value to small and large organizations alike as they seek to better understand their performance. It will be interesting to see if these platforms are adopted by small and local businesses providing more traditional subscriptions services such as landscaping, snowplowing, gym memberships, etc.