I have been reflecting on the Jewish Qabalah for most of my life and I am neither an Evangelical or practicing in the Orthodox Jewish Tradition. My practice began after a Vision in which I saw war. Like any Vision, and I am VERY careful not to suggest that this was a “Prophetic Vision,” its not, came when I least expected it as simply a guidepost.

The first memory directed me to two things: The Book of Revelations and the connecting paths between Chesed and Chokmah on the Qabalah’s Tree of Life. The connection between Chesed and Chokmah is the path of Vau. Vau is depicted as law and liberty, obedience and disobedience. Vau is the path of the Pope!

To be redeemed in the spirit of the Torah means to follow God’s Law without question and without error. After witnessing fire and destruction, I began to question if humanity has failed to carefully prosecute God’s Law and Will.

To explain my visions, I immersed myself into The Zohar. I also became a devout practitioner of The Tree of Life. Twice a day, I meditate for twenty minutes on a chosen path. Today’s path, I chose Vau. When I meditate, I attempt to recall an important memory, and then I ask myself one question. Have a followed God’s Will Today?

My practice on The Tree of Life started to explain what I saw as fire and war. I did. Humans are in error of God’s Will. However, I came to understand a deeper nature within myself. My own self, and others, can also lose their way and step off their True Path.

In Today’s meditation, I began to reflect on the times in my life where I failed to lead as The Pope of a religion might do. There are two occurrences that came to mind. The first is a time long ago, in high school, when I did not stand up for a classmate who needed protection. I looked away. I cannot help but wonder how this has shaped my path. Did I temporarily step off? Did that alter my trajectory?

The second instance is when I did not put forth my own idea at a high-level meeting with decision-makers. By withholding my own idea, that is born out of my own life experiences, I could be withholding God’s Grace and Love from entering reality.

I have felt a kindred connection with certain sects in Evangelicalism. I cannot help but consider the connection between The Book of Revelations and the Coming of Christ with the Psychological Purification offered by careful study of God’s Law. To me, they are like Chesed and Chokmah, connected by the Path of the Pope!

I ask that you join me in carefully reflecting how one’s own mind is connected to the Path of the Universe, of God’s Will.