Now more than ever, 2A is essential to empowering American liberty and freedom. In today’s heightened socialist environment, where Leninist agitators destroy private property, 2A is a last remaining safeguard to the American way of life. Growing up I cannot claim that I hunted with a rifle. My Father was a small games bowhunter for a period of time in his life, and I only accompanied him a handful of times. We didn’t even score anything, but he taught me the art of a bow and arrow. Hunting is a precious memory for many families, Father and Son and Mother and Daughters alike. For that reason alone, 2A should be safeguarded and protected.

I look at 2A, however, as safeguarding two American Civil Liberties. The first is the right to form a militia in protection of one’s State or local municipality, such as a County. The American Government and its extraordinary military might is the envy of the world. But if it fell into the wrong hands, a socialist dictatorship, the American Government could be repurposed with the snap of one’s fingers into the most tyrannical Government that mankind has ever seen. Though I doubt the American Armed Forces, American service men and women, would ever let that happen. Nevertheless, as the Founders intended, the right to bare arms and form a militia is an extraordinary freedom.

Another reason why 2A is important, and this is why I personally support 2A and the National Rifle Association, is that socialism is now turning to Leninist tactics to openly challenge the State, and free-market capitalism, with violence, looting, and the destruction of private property. For those who haven’t read Lenin, and you’re better off never even laying eyesight on his writing or the writing of Karl Marx, Lenin used these types of tactics all the time. When a peaceful demonstration is occurring, Lenin and his thugs, Joseph Stalin being a primary thug for Vladimir Lenin before he betrayed the Leninist movement, would go around and incite violence using the exact same tactics as we have seen in the summer of 2020. They would lay bricks at populated street corners, or distribute propaganda in underground channels.

A lesser considered right of the Second Amendment grants its adherence the right to protect private property. Without the Second Amendment, Americans could not defend themselves against Leninist tactics or other attempts to take their private property.

The core principle of free-market Capitalism, the right to private property, the underpinning of our entire Economic System, is fundamentally a right that must be defended by the individual and their family. Without the Second Amendment, we might as well scrap free-market Capitalism. That is why I support 2A.